I’ve always been looking for the one, but people are so muddled. They have a pile of desires and then want something else like the world is flipped around just to please them.

ㅤㅤ“I want something sweet on the outside. But… A little tropical sour when I take a bite of it.”

ㅤㅤ“Gotcha, new lil buddy with watermelon flavor. Has a not too sour taste in— ”

ㅤㅤ“No no, wait, no. I’ll say, I want candy that has a sweet taste all over it. I’m on an acidic diet, Robert.”

Will. My name is Wilfred, lady. And who are you to change my name which is already 31 years on the birth certificate alongside Wilfred Abraham in the paragraph.

Also, what do you do with that pair of dry Mexican leather boots? My beloved London must have been polluted with reckless generation like you.

ㅤㅤ”Here, all 95 pence.”

Really hope you leave my store soon. Tidying up the cotton candy on the shelf is even more important now for a tired guy with bachelor of pharmacology title.

ㅤㅤ”Uh-huh. Keep the change, Dave. You have a delightful confectionery shop in the middle of this kingdom of manners. Blessed me. And you too.”

Look how she is carrying the paper bag I gave her on her wrist. Doesn’t it hurt? Oh, I remember one thing an Italian woman said yesterday. Beauty is pain.

ㅤㅤ”Blessed you. Thank you and have a sweet day with Pop n' Hop!”

Top 5 things in my life that I really want to renovate one of them is the name of this glucose shop. Not only does it sound like a sham, but, it’s also made by my family.

I’m not going to tell you about my family for now, and you’ll probably think I’m a man who has a lot of tension with those myriad of rules people. Well, indeed. But I still love them. Although love doesn’t have to always be exist and be together, right?

Door bell rings.

Another sugar connoisseur is coming so shut up and — Woa.. Wait… Who are you, red shirt..? You look fresh.

I’m expecting a big change from Redditch to London and you... You clear my eyes which only always see plastic baskets and mounds of colorful packaging every day.

ㅤㅤ”Excuse me…”

Are you, the one?


I gave so many signs.

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